Monday, November 12, 2012

Pixies and Advent Calendars

We found these fantastic, whimsical pixies and had to have them in our shop. These little guys -- "micro-pixies" -- are just, well, cute! Great little gifts and perfect for stockings.
Fabric Micro Pixies ($14.95 each)
These larger pixies are actually advent calendars! The pixies (they are about 5 feet tall!) have enough pockets to hold a full 24 days of holiday goodies.
Fabric Pixie Advent Calendars ($149.95 each • Limited Availability)
There are 24 bags hanging from this garland, which is about 10 feet long. Can you imagine the excitement of opening each of these as Christmas approaches?
Fabric Garland Advent Calendar ($149.95 each • Limited Availability)
These special advent calendars are in extremely limited supply, get them now!

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