Monday, December 3, 2012

The Story of the Three Little Pine Trees

A while back I came across a box of old photographs, a scrapbook and some miscellaneous papers from the Guest family of San Francisco. This beautiful Christmas story was among the items. It is "Given to Daddy by Paul" when Paul was in the second grade in 1948. How sweet is this!

There were three trees.
They were pine trees.
They lived on a hill.
They wanted to be Christmas trees.

A little bird came to the hill.
The bird wanted a home.
The bird flew to the big tree.
The big tree was not kind.

The bird flew to the next tree.
Then it flew to the little tree.
The little tree was kind.
It gave the bird a home.

Soon Santa came to the hill.
He looked for the bird.
He saw the bird in the little tree.

He took the tree for a Christmas tree.
He gave the bird to Alice. 
Paul Guest, Christmas 1948

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