Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Exciting New Finds

We got back from the big Atlanta Mart Gift Show a few days ago. Fifty-five floors of shopping in four days! Whew! We found a bunch of great new item and fresh inspiration. As usual, these items take awhile to arrive, so you'll be seeing them over the next few months. But here's a small sample.
Colorful, whimsical Wall Plaques (Made in the USA)

Framed bottle display ... perfect for using your imagination

A new line of decorative papers based on vintage documents (Made in the USA)

Vintage design paper packets with feather pens (Made in the USA)

Handcrafted pewter pendants (Made in the USA)

Handcrafted pewter "Blessing Rings" and key chains (Made in the USA)

New designs of metal letters

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