Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Gifts from the Heart for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just a couple of weeks away, on February 14th, so why not say Be My Valentine with a special treasure from Vintages?

Hanging Heart Ornaments ($7.95 each)
Handmade Cards & Tags (from $3.95) • Murano Glass Hearts (from $22.95) • Heart Photo Albums ($3.50 each)
Wrap it all up in this handmade heart paper ($4.95 per sheet)
Keys with Messages ($8.95 each) • Pewter Hearts (from $19.95)
Decorated Bottles (prices vary)
Fantastic Beaded Necklaces and Other Vintage Jewelry
Love Notes, Vintage Valentines and Celluloid Candy Bags
LOVE Magnets (from $10.95)
Heart and Music Ribbons with Tin Boxes
Gold and Pearl Necklaces
Love and Initial Stones ($15.95 each)
Handcrafted Solder Pendants and Charms (from $12.95 each)
Various Hearts, Valentines and Love Notes
Handmade Love Blocks ($9.95 each)
Handcrafted Hearts ($115.00 each) and Signs (39.00 each)
Give Your Valentine the Moon and the Stars with a Handcrafted Planter or Bowl from the Teyros Collection (starting at $75.00 each)

Valentine Cards
More Valentine Cards
Just remember to say I Love You

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