Saturday, January 5, 2013

Old Pressed Steel Trucks

We picked up several 1930s pressed steel trucks a few months ago. I have been meaning to put them on the blog because they are so cool! BUT I kept finding other things to do.

Marx Delivery Truck c1930s
Schuco Tow Truck c1930s
The two we have left are sit 'n' ride trucks. Both are from the 1930s and in very good condition, although someone re-painted the top of the cabs a long time ago. The Delivery Truck was made by Marx. It still has its original decals and the steering and wheels work just fine. The Tow Truck looks like a Schuco. Again, the steering and wheels work well. This one has battery operated headlights! The wiring is shot, but otherwise it could be made to work. Both of these are priced at $195.00.

When we got these I remembered this photo of me, from way back in 1946 or so, sitting on a truck. It did not seem to matter to me that it was missing the back wheels and was not a sit-down toy. So what! I was having fun!

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