Monday, January 7, 2013

Through the Lens of Shirlie Montgomery

If you have not checked out my blog about Shirlie Montgomery, please do. Shirlie passed away in November, at the age of 94, leaving behind a legacy of photography virtually unmatched in Santa Clara Valley. She became a professional photographer in the 1930s, and subsequently photographed everyone and everything that mattered for the next forty years. In fact, she was actively taking snapshots right up to her 90s!

Shirlie was not a stand behind the camera in a studio type of photographer. She loved being out in the front lines of journalism, catching car crashes, politicians, celebrities and floods ... all in a days work. She also loved to go to wrestling matches. She took her trusty 5x7, captured real action, and then shared her images with the crowd at the Ringside Bar after the matches were over.

So, enjoy the blog. I will continue to post photos and stories until I run out of material ... which will take a lifetime. You might recognize some of the subjects in this tantalizing gallery of a fraction of her collection.

First Water over Lexington Dam

Lucille Ball

Wrestlers at the SJ Civic

Richard Nixon for Governor

Three Camera Shirlie

Max Baer, Boxing Champion at Lou's Village

Aerial Photo of Downtown San Jose

Taxi 88

The Dough Girls (L) Harriette & (R) Shirlie with Governor Merriam

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