Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Easter • Happy Spring

Spring started a couple of days ago and Easter Sunday is just ten days from now! Love it! Vintages is celebrating Spring and Easter with a fantastic selection of seasonal items. Bright flowers, cheery colors, cuddly bunnies and lambs ... gifts, decoration and more. We even have a selection of vintage Easter collectibles.
This is a great basket with a large paper flower ($25.95 with Easter grass) • Plus bunnies eggs and carrots
Little porcelain boxes ($13.95 each) • Little birds (from $7.95 each)
How about this selection of Easter goodies!
Bright, cheery sachets, glass hearts, magnetic letters
Bunnies, bunnies, bunnies ... and some lovely cards too!
Cute, wooly lambs ($19.95 each) and a handmade Easter tag ($12.95)
Hand decorated bottles  with ribbons and labels (from $7.95 each)
Love these handcrafted long-legged bunnies ($45.95 each)
Easter eggs of all sizes, colors and materials
... and we never forget our fine feathered friends
Old Westmoreland glass hen-on-nest ($60.00 one available)
Pink ... one of the colors of spring ... Antique German porcelain mustard pots
Vintage Easter cards
Vintage Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit and Bunnykins figures
 Vintages wishes you a Happy Spring and a Happy Easter

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