Saturday, April 20, 2013

Vintage Photographs ... and the stories behind them

Old photographic images intrigue me. It is amazing that so many of them are still around. Most of the images are still crisp and clear, though many are faded or have taken on sepia tones. But that's OK with me. Just makes them look old. In doing my family history (an undertaking that can be fully consuming of time and emotions) I have found relatives who have literally boxes of old pictures of our family. Tiny ones, torn ones, faded ones, unknown ones! It's like solving mysteries.

In the shop we have hundreds of old photographic images ... cabinet photos, carte de visites (CDV), tintypes, portraits, action shots and more. Just like with my own family photos, I get excited when I find writing on the photo. Sometimes it's a name. Sometimes it's a story. Sometimes just a date. Along with clues in the images like cars, signs, fashion and such, these help connect other photos, other people and other times together.

Here are some recently acquired photos along with the annotations that are on some of them. Of course, there are some images that speak for themselves ... no notes needed. Enjoy!

Grandchild walking by car.

Great Bicycle Shot ... note the dude sitting on his bike!


Need a Haircut?

Old Harley Davidson

1931 Bi-Plane in Texas

Dig the kid in his green and white rompers!

Old folks in front of their vintage Studie! Studebaker, that is.

I hope this is a theatrical group.

Kahalui Railroad on Maui in the 1930s

These guys are working?
Woodrow Wilson? No but worth a few laughs.

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