Friday, June 28, 2013

Mixed Media Art at the Hirshhorn Museum

Alexander Calder Fish - Wire and glass pieces
Hirshhorn Museum in Washington DC has a splendid exhibit: Over, Under, Next: Experiments in Mixed Media, 1913-present. It is on exhibit until September 8, 2013. The museum describes the exhibit:

Butterfly wings, glass shards, doll parts, crumpled automotive metal, jigsaw puzzle pieces, clothing, straight pins, furniture, and colored sand – these are just some of the materials in Over, Under, Next, an exhibition of approximately 100 examples of collage and assemblage, primarily drawn from the Hirshhorn’s collection. Before 1913, when Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque first incorporated commonplace, mass-produced images and found objects into their art, everyday materials were regarded as bric-a-brac. Since then, artists internationally have embraced the idea that art could scavenged from fragments and detritus in the world around us. 
A Wonderful Treasure Drawer
This exhibit is loaded with inspiration for all of us mixed media artists. Take a look at some of the art works and then get into your studio and create!

Another Calder Piece - Wire and wood

David Hammons Bottle Sculpture - Old whiskey bottles

David Smith Big Rooster - Patinated machine parts

Paper Covered Coat Hangers

Isamu Noguchi Okame - Patinated iron casting

Paper Collage


Mixed Media

Josef Albers Window Picture - Found Objects, lass, metal, wire, paint, nails, mesh, imitation pearls and ink in wood frame

Tribute to Jackson Pollock - Collage and Found Objects

Joseph Cornell Shadow Box - Wood, gesso, paint, glass, photomechanical reproductions, metal rings, cork balls, metal rods, paper box, postage stamps, driftwood, stamped tin and colored sand in glass-fronted wood box

Nick Cave Mixed Media "Soundsuit" - Safety pin baskets, beads, mannequin legs, bunny head.
Ann Hamilton palimpset - This piece is an entire room with pencil on newsprint; map tacks; beeswax tablets; wood shelf; electric fan; steel and glass vitrine; cabbages; snails.

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