Saturday, July 20, 2013

Chalkboard Vinyl, Chalk Ink Marker and Chalkstock Paper

Chalkboard Vinyl
Chalk Ink Markers
Chalkstock Paper
These great products are perfect for the DIYer.
Chalkboard Vinyl • 12" x 48" Rolls ($12.95 per roll)
Chalkboard vinyl is so much easier to use than chalkboard paint for smaller projects. It is easy to use, durable and cleanable. We checked out a few brands and chose our favorite for our shop. Susan has made chalkboards out of old frames, placing it right over the glass. Chalk/magnet boards can be made by covering sheet metal. Cover a board - masonite and flat plywood are best - and you have a great noteboard for you kitchen, entry or craft room. The chalkboard vinyl can be easily cut with scissors, die-cut punches or a Cricut or similar flatbed cutting tool. This way you can make labels for bottles and tins, lunch boxes or ornaments.
Jar Labels made from chalkboard vinyl
Vanity Mirrors made into chalkboards. (from
Heart shaped bottle labels made from vinyl cut out using a Cricut.
Chalkboard in a frame. The vinyl was applied directly on the glass.
The vinyl is simple to use. Just peel off the backing and stick it into place. We love this stuff!
Chalkboard Vinyl signs are perfect for any occasion. The "Be Happy" is applied to glass, while the "Reception" sign is on metal and doubles as a magnet board.
The Chalkstock is scrapbook sized cardstock with a durable blackboard surface. The sheets measure 12" x 12" and are very heavy cardstock. Like the vinyl, these can be cut with all standard cutting tools. Great for tags, card and ornaments with the added advantage of being an erasable chalkboard surface.
Chalkstock Hearts cut out on a Cricut.
One thing that makes chalkboards new and exciting are chalk ink markers. Again, we experimented with a few and chose the Chalk Ink brand markers. These come in a variety of colors and widths. They write clearly and crisply, do not smudge and clean easily with Windex or just plain water. Susan has tried these on commercial blackboards, on the vinyl boards and glass with equally good results. Regular blackboards done with paint require a surface that has been primed and has at least two coats. Semigloss blackboard paint is best. A special benefit is that you can use these with your favorite rubber stamps! Just color it on the stamp and do your thing. (We do recommend that you clean the stamp right after use.)
Chalk Ink Markers in several colors ($6.95 each)
Chalk Ink stocking stamped on to a painted metal blackboard with a musical magnet attached. (Magnet $9.95: Blackboard $9.95)
Place card made with a vinyl cutout applied to a small frame.
Interior decorators have incorporated chalk paint walls, mimicing the Facebook "Write Something" wall.
Facebook "Write Something" Wall
Interior designer Wendy Hayworth encourages her visiting friends to leave their own unique mark on her kitchen wall.

All these items are now in stock in our Los Gatos shop:
• Chalkboard Vinyl $12.95 per 12"x48" roll
• Chalkstock Paper $2.69 per 12" x 12" sheet
• Chalk In Marker $6.95 each

Here are a couple of videos about the Chalk Ink Markers:

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