Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Le Petit Echo de la Mode - A Women's Fashion Magazine

Fashion prints over the years tell a lot about society. Women's skirts, hair and necklines have raised and lowered as a result of and sometimes in reaction to local and societal mores. The fashion magazine, Le Petit Echo de la Mode, chronicled those trends and faux pas for over a century, from 1879 to 1983. 

Published weekly over most of that time, the tableau sized magazine featured articles and images about the current fashions, modes and designs. The covers are iconic. A complete collection of these would clearly portray the styles of women in clothing and accessories. 

There were numerous articles covering not only off the rack fashion, but tips and designs for sewing and making your own personal fashion statement. 

We are lucky enough to have a small selection of these magazines available from the 1923 to 1932 period.

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