Friday, September 20, 2013

Paris in the Rain ... is still Paris!

Eiffel Tower from the Jardin des Tuileries
We just got back from Paris. It is such a wonderful place for inspiration and revival ... not to say that Los Gatos isn't inspirational because it is one of the loveliest towns in America. But sometimes a change of scene is good for the soul. 

It was cool, cloudy and wet pretty much the whole time that we were there. We still walked for hours every day, sometimes under umbrellas, always bundled up to protect from the cold air, breezes and drizzle. We will post some other interesting images of the City of Light as well as some of our special finds. Here is an abbreviated photo tour from some of our walks.
There is something special about a city street lined with brick buildings with window boxes of flowers, old shutters and outspoken character.
This hotel facade and street-scape is just so typical Parisian.
This corner has three eras of architecture ... but they do not clash or detract from the old world image. You have to wonder what stories these buildings have to tell.
The Lover's Locks ... these locks, which started as an expression of fidelity and love, have grown to cover the entire Pont des Arts. Click here for more of the story of the Lover's Locks.
Paris has some of the world's most beautiful flower shops. (So does San Francisco!)
Roses ... Roses ... Roses!
What a lovely street ... and a surprise windmill in the middle of the city!
We'll have more to show about Paris in posts to follow. Meantime, we are delighted to be back home and able to share our experiences and Paris treasures with you.

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