Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Vintage Christmas Tree Pins and Holiday Jewelry

The Christmas tree has probably been the number one motif in costume jewelry over the years. They can be found made of glittery rhinestones, spectacular Austrian crystals, bright enamels, polished silver, colorful plastics and even fine gemstones. They can be simple or baroque, modern or traditional, whimsical, glitzy or even weird! With so many facets to collecting these holiday statements, it's no wonder that they are such a popular collectible.

Holiday jewelry is really made for wearing, not just collecting. What is great is that this is one collectible that can be used every holiday season.

Major costume jewelry houses such as Weiss, Eisenberg and Hollycraft participated in the lucrative market. Here at Vintages, we have a nice collection of Christmas Tree pins and other Holiday Jewelry. Most of our pins are available online, but some have not made it to our shopping sites yet. Happy Holidays!

Glittery Crystal Tree Pins
Tree Pins from Weiss, Art, Hollycraft and Brooks

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