Monday, December 16, 2013

Creative Bows and Package Wraps

Christmas gifts are a great way to release your creative juices. Make the wrapping and bow part of the gift. Susan has put together some creative bows using our ribbons and a variety of doo-dads ... that's the technical term for accoutrements and accents you can add to gifts to make them special! We have a great selection of ribbons, decorative wrapping paper and all kinds of doo-dads -- new, handcrafted and vintage. Take a gander at what she has created ... then use your imagination to create your own.
Red Kraft paper wrap using one of Susan's Hand Decorated Bottle Brush Trees in the Satin Cord Bow
Kraft-type Wrapping Papers in a Variety of Colors ($1.89 to $3.95 per sheet)
Kraft Paper Wrap with Sparkly Gold Ribbon ($1.25 per yard) and Glittery Birds ($6.95 each)
Red Kraft Paper Wrap with one of Aunt Mil's Vintage Beaded Ornaments ($9.95 each)

Above are Six Wraps using some of our Decorative Papers and Ribbons
Christmas Dog and Cat Decorative Wrapping Paper ($4.95 per sheet) •
We have a Large Selection of Decorative and Wrapping Paper Available in the Shop
A Selection of the Decorative Ribbons Available in the Shop
Kraft Paper Wrap Spruced up with a Red Organza Bow (40c per yard) and a Hand Decorated Wreath

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Vintage Holiday Post Cards

Post Cards are probably one of the most collected items in America. While there are many different aspects to collecting these little historic works of art, holidays are my favorite. They are schmaltzy, sugar coated and so traditional. But you can't beat the sentiment and the messages.

Here is a small gallery of some of the selection we have in stock.
Greetings from Hanford 1910

German floral card from c1910 - the roses are fuzzy!

A cold looking greeting from Illinois 1911

Flowers were popular in the 1910s

This greeting was clipped to make a tag c1913

Pansies for Christmas 1915

My favorite ... Arts & Crafts 1915

Another flowered greeting 1917

A greeting card from 1920

Simple elegance in this Arts & Crafts 1915 card

Another Arts & Crafts image c1920s

This greeting card is great! The front door opens to reveal the home's family to greet you!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thursday Nights in Los Gatos

Vintages has joined with other retailers in Los Gatos Village to be open on Thursday nights until nine for your shopping convenience. In partnership with the Los Gatos Chamber of Commerce we have created the Thursday Night Holiday Shopping Stroll. 

Five Good Reasons to Shop Los Gatos on Thursdays:
1. Shops are open until 9pm
2. Free valet parking for your convenience
3. Holiday Carriage rides along Santa Cruz Avenue
4. Prize drawings from participating retailers
5. Great places to eat on any budget

Los Gatos is a wonderful place to shop and stroll. Come join us!

Vintages will also be open the two Mondays before Christmas and the rest of the Sundays before Christmas.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Antiquarian Books ... aka Old Books

Over the years, as both a collector and antiques dealer, I have always felt a bit of awe when holding an item that is older than me. Even more when it is a real antique a hundred or two hundred years old. Antiquarian books are even more thrilling because the closer the printing is to the origins of the book, or even maybe a first edition signed by the author, it feels like I have a connection, a communication with the writer.

I have my own collection of old books -- early books about Hawaii and interesting books on wine and oenology. I also love miniature books and old journals. As dealers we have had the good fortune to reunite a few old diaries and albums with the original families! That is a truly wonderful feeling.

Even if you don't read these old tomes, they make wonderful statement pieces in decorating offices, libraries and dens. The old coffee table books add a wonderful conversation piece to any family room.

Here is a selection of some of the old collectible and antiquarian books we have in stock. Many are online, more are available just in the shop.

Le Bon Anglais: Wonderful small illustrated book with French text celebrating Anglo-French relations after WWI. First Edition. Published by Chez Devambez, 1918. Soft cover. Contains a dozen brilliant pochoir woodcuts by Guy Arnoux with accompanying text by Roger Boutet de Monvel.

Atlas of Early American History - The Revolutionary Era 1760-1790: Princeton University Press, Princeton (NJ), 1976. First Edition. Lester J. Cappon (Editor) with Barbara Bartz Petchenik and John Hamilton Long. Fantastically detailed and well researched atlas of the American Revolutionary War. Excellent graphics, heavy, quality paper. Published for the Newberry Library and the Institute of Early American History and Culture.

The World of Currier & Ives edited by Roy King and Burke Davis. Pubished by Bonanza Books, New York, 1987. 140 page collection of prints of Currier and Ives lithographs from the Roy King collection. Includes introduction, a section on collecting and buying prints, a selected list of 200 Currier and Ives prints with values. Over 55 prints in full color with interpretation and background on opposite pages. Wonderful collection printed in quality fashion.

American Fabrics Magazine Van Gogh Edition:
Fantastic fashion magazine devoted to fabrics and fashion. Included are articles and advertising about fabrics, including fabric samples that are tipped onto the pages. Reporter Publications Incorporated, 1949. Feature article and cover devoted to Vincent van Gogh, who was having an exhibition at the NY Metropolitan Museum of Art at the time. Other articles include: Textile Education, Lace, Nylon, Nature & Wool and Television.

The Frick Collection, Vol 8, Potteries and Porcelains:The Frick Art Reference Library, NY 1955.  This is a high quality catalog of the Frick Collection of pottery and porcelain. Forward by Walter Read Hovey and Introduction by Sir Osbert Sidwell. 53 plates, each with a separate page of description. Paper is high quality art paper. The first 45 pages are extended essays on the contents of the exhibits, including the plates in the catalog. The plates are all black and white photographs printed on heavy art paper. This is an important catalog of an important collection. 

Arts and Crafts Miniature Book of John Keats’ Sonnets published 1905 London: Anthony Treherne & Co. and NY: The H. B. Claflin Co. Printed by Neill & Co., Ltd., Edinburgh. Leather covers embossed both front and back, with marbleized end papers, gilt edges and original silk ribbon page marker. A remarkable little book.

Les Dents Humaines Morphologie OR Human Teeth Morphology, by E. Marseillier. Published Gauthier-Villars, Paris 1947. Paperback. This is a dentistry book (in French) about general characteristics and distinctive characteristics of teeth. Many illustrations, drawings and diagrams in black and white and red. Great book on mid-century dentistry. Great gift for a dentist!

The Prince of the Realm is a lovely little book with an inspirational tale about a farmer. First Edition. The book is printed on heavy, high quality, watermarked paper using arts and crafts printing methods by The Lincoln and Smith Press, Boston, for Davis and Bond, Boston, copyright 1912. The covers are cardstock. The book has 40 pages and comes in a matching envelope. Excellent condition, virtually unread. Unusual and hard to find original book.

Russian Book: National Architecture of Uzbekistan 1959: This is a large folio collection of color photos of the architecture in the primary cities of Ubekistan, Russia. Written in Cryllic Russian, but with captions in several languages, including English. Excellent graphics with nice photographs. Originally published in 1959, but this may be a 1961 edition. The slip cover has a shield or cartouch that reads: Decade of Art & Literature of the USSR.

Monday, December 2, 2013

The Twelve Days of Christmas

The past few years we have passed on the PNC Christmas Price Index, a tabulation from the folks over at PNC Wealth Management of how much it would cost to purchase all the gifts in the classic Holiday song The Twelve Days of Christmas. Here it is for 2013, which is the 30th time they have done this index that totals the cost of items gifted by a True Love who repeats all of the song's verses.  

A steadily improving economy has helped the index increase by 7.7% in 2013. "We were surprised to see such a large increase from a year ago, given the overall benign inflation rate in the U.S., but the dancers in the index took a huge leap this year to play catch up from paltry increases the previous few years,” PNC said. Nine Ladies Dancing vaulted with a 20 percent this year, while Lords-a-Leaping jumped 10 percent, combining for a $1,736 increase from 2012. Based on the array of all the gifts in the holiday classic, the price tag is $27,393.17 in 2013, $1,192 more than last year and the largest increase since 2010 when the index jumped 9.2 percent.

As part of its annual tradition, PNC Wealth Management also tabulates the "True Cost of Christmas," which is the total cost of items gifted by a True Love who repeats all of the song's verses. Very thoughtful True Loves must fork over $114,651.18 for all 364 gifts, a slightly more "reasonable" increase of 6.9 percent increase compared to last year.

Well, the twelve days of Christmas are almost upon us. Vintages can assure you that a True Love can get by on much less in our shop ... and get much more relevant and wonderful gifts as well.

Check out the PNC site for more details, as well as more tongue-in-cheek commentary.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Holiday Decor, Wrap, Cards, Gifts and More ...

We are stocked up with everything you need for Holiday decorations, gifts and more ... and we are open extended hours as well, including Sundays 11-5 and Thursday nights until 9!

Advent Calendars ... both traditional and handcrafted fabric dolls and banners

Love this Scottie ... one only

Kraft and Solid Papers ... great for DIY wrapping creativity

Christmas Cat Paper

Christmas Dog Paper

Gift Wrapping Supplies ... paper, ribbon, bow picques and accents

These cute little gift bags!

Elegant Ornaments

Whimsical Ornaments

Trees ... many sizes and styles

Our Holiday Selection of Magnets

Kitchen Towels and Serviettes in Paris and Holiday designs

Platters, Plates, Mugs

Little Boxes, Snowmen, Decorated Trees

Vintage-style Theater with two scenes ... one only
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