Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Collecting Marcasite Jewelry

Gorgeous Large Marcasite and Amethyst Silver Runway Brooch • $125
Marcasite jewelry which is desirable and collectible today, has been popular for a few centuries. It has the ability to sparkle without "glitz." In Art Deco costume jewelry, marcasites were often the star of the piece. In modernist jewelry marcasites have been a primary choice for a subdued fashion statement.

The mineral marcasite is a crystalline form of iron sulfide that is very brittle and unsuitable for jewelry. What we call marcasite in jewelry is actually iron pyrite, or fools gold, that has been faceted to imitate diamonds. The stone was popular in jewelry as far back as the 18th century. Marcasites are usually found mounted in silver, as the opaque sparkle is perfectly offset by the antiqued appearance of lightly tarnished silver. In antique jewelry, marcasite can be distinguished from cut steel faux gems because marcasites are usually bead or prong-set as a gemstone would be, and cut steel is riveted. (See my earlier post about Cut Steel Jewelry.)
Selection of Marcasite Jewelry
We have some wonderful marcasite jewelry from a lush-looking Victorian  pendant to a fresh, sparkly modern necklace. Here's a selection of what we have online and in the shop.

Victorian Lavaliere Pendant • Marcasite & Citrine Czech Glass in Silver • $95
Early 1900s Clip Brooch • Marcasite & Carnelian in Silver • $69
Modernist Bar Pin • Marcasite & Amethyst in Silver • $49
Art Deco Necklace by Wachenheimer • Marcasite & Onyx in Silver • $125
Modernist Three Drop Necklace • Marcasite & Crystal in Silver • $49

Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Easter • Happy Spring

Spring started a couple of days ago and Easter Sunday is just ten days from now! Love it! Vintages is celebrating Spring and Easter with a fantastic selection of seasonal items. Bright flowers, cheery colors, cuddly bunnies and lambs ... gifts, decoration and more. We even have a selection of vintage Easter collectibles.
This is a great basket with a large paper flower ($25.95 with Easter grass) • Plus bunnies eggs and carrots
Little porcelain boxes ($13.95 each) • Little birds (from $7.95 each)
How about this selection of Easter goodies!
Bright, cheery sachets, glass hearts, magnetic letters
Bunnies, bunnies, bunnies ... and some lovely cards too!
Cute, wooly lambs ($19.95 each) and a handmade Easter tag ($12.95)
Hand decorated bottles  with ribbons and labels (from $7.95 each)
Love these handcrafted long-legged bunnies ($45.95 each)
Easter eggs of all sizes, colors and materials
... and we never forget our fine feathered friends
Old Westmoreland glass hen-on-nest ($60.00 one available)
Pink ... one of the colors of spring ... Antique German porcelain mustard pots
Vintage Easter cards
Vintage Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit and Bunnykins figures
 Vintages wishes you a Happy Spring and a Happy Easter

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Scottish Thistle Jewelry and Kilt Pins

The Scots have made wonderful silver and agate jewelry for centuries. The agate jewelry, especially, has a great following by collectors. However, there are other motifs that are equally collectible, less expensive and every bit Scottish ... kilt pins and thistle jewelry.

The thistle, in the language of flowers, is an ancient Celtic symbol of nobility of character as well as of birth. It has been the national emblem of Scotland since the reign of Alexander III in the 13th century. Jewelry, coats of arms and decorative objects including the thistle in its design have been around for centuries. Today it is not only included in serious, fine jewelry, but in tourist souvenirs as well.

We have several nice thistle pins ranging in age from Victorian England to mid-century souvenirs.

These pins are all priced at $29.00 each.
Another long-time Scottish tradition is the wearing of the kilt. The kilt pin is a piece of jewelry that is usually worn on the lower corner of the outer apron of a kilt. Its function is to prevent the apron from falling or blowing open, by adding weight to the outer apron. It does not pin the outer apron to the inner fabric. Kilt pins are often decorated with clan symbols, national emblems or native animals and plants. 

Vintages has two fantastic kilt pins. One is a traditional Victorian pin made of gilt brass and featuring a variety of symbols and amethyst glass faceted stones. The other is a more modern piece, made by the American jewelry company Trifari in the 1940s.
Victorian gilt brass Kilt Pin ($89.00)

Crown Trifari 1940s Kilt Pin ($125.00)
These pins are all available in Vintages shop in Los Gatos, as well as online in our antique selling site.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

American Fabrics Magazine

The American Fabrics Magazine was a truly special publication, especially for fashion and sewing aficionados. It generally had great articles about fashion, design and sewing. True to its title, each issue was filled with both articles and advertising about the latest fabrics and included swatches of fabrics as well!

We have one copy of American Fabrics Magazine from the 3rd quarter of 1949. This issue's feature article and cover are devoted to Vincent van Gogh, who was having an exhibition at the NY Metropolitan Museum of Art at the time. Other articles include: Textile Education; Lace; Nylon; Nature and Wool; Television; and more. We have this issue priced at $65.00. Click on the above link to see more images from this issue of the magazine.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ephemera for Paper Crafts and Mixed Media Art

Our love of vintage items and our search for interesting ephemera for crafting has led us to build a very nice inventory of papers, prints, documents, letters, books and magazines that our artist customers love. We not only search for vintage paper, but carry an excellent line of new paper products as well. Here is a gallery of some selected items that are in stock.
Handmade Lakto Papers from Nepal in Sheets and Craft & Sample Packs
Packages of Decorative & Crafting Papers
Decorative Papers Featuring Vintage Images
Old Letters, Envelopes, Documents, Books and Photographs from as Early as the Mid-1800s
Vintage Maps, Guide Books and Prints
Vintage Sheet Music, Music Books and Music Pages
Old Ledgers and Autograph Books Sold as Sheets/Pages or Books
A Nice Selection of Decorative and Wrapping Paper
More Decorative Papers
Vintage Wallpaper Sold in Packages and Larger Sheets
These papers are generally only available in our Los gatos shop, but please email us if you see or need something that we have. We would be happy to ship it to you.

Vintage Easter and Springtime Collectibles

Large 1940s Vintage Easter Pop-Up Cards ($18.00 each) • Vintage Wooden Letters ($3.95 each)
Vintage Easter collectibles are fun because they are whimsical and happy! You cannot help but smile at some of them. Bunnies, chicks, eggs and more. Easter is early this year ... the last Sunday in March. So it's easy to celebrate both Easter and Spring at the same time.

We have cards, dolls, candy containers, little boxes, jewelry and decorative items. Here is a gallery of some of the vintage items we have this year.
Vintage Easter Holiday Post Cards (starting at $3.00 each)
Wonderful Vintage Jewelry -- Bunnies, Butterflies and Birds
Vintage Egg Candy Containers and a Tin Wind-up Hen
Vintage Crosses • Silver & Gold • Some with Gemstones
A Variety of Religious Items • Medals, Crucifixes, Rosaries, Prayer Books, and this Holy Water Font
This Fantastic Large Vintage Chick Candy Box ($24.00)
Vintage/Antique Bunny Candy Containers ( LtoR: $195; $95: $395: $195)
Vintage Beatrix Potter Figurines (starting at $55.00 each)
We also have a nice selection of Limoges boxes (both new and vintage), handcrafted decorative items, metal magnets, crosses and glass eggs.
Cute Porcelain Easter/Spring Boxes ($13.95 each) • Little Birds on Stones ($6.95 to $12.95 each)
Genuine French Limoges Porcelain Boxes (starting at $89.00 each)
Handcrafted NEST Door Hanger ($69.95 - one only)

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