Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Tour Through Vintages' Shop

It is always fun to bring new items into the shop. I thought I would take you on a little tour of the shop and the new items we have in stock. 
Bottles with ribbon & sentimental labels ($7.95 & $8.95 each) • Filigree craft & jewelry findings ($2.49 & $2.95 each)
2014 desk calendars ($12.95 each)
Decorative candles (starting at $5.95 each) • Cindy Teyros handcrafted goblets (from $75 each)
Handcrafted Treasures • Clocks (from $39.95 each) • Robot banks ($115 each) • Pottery bottle tags ($9.95 each)
Bookmarks with wise sayings ($3.95 each)
A wide variety of greeting cards
French Artist Club cards (from $4.25 each)
Love Notes • Locally created cards ($2.49 each) and notepads (from $3.50 each)
Paris frames ($10.95 small - $47.95 large)
Frames in a variety of sizes and prices
Cases of vintage ephemera, ribbons/trim and millinery
Chalk in markers ($6.95 each)
Craft supplies of all sorts • The best selection in town

Los Gatos souvenirs
Fashionable magnifiers on necklaces ($29.95 each) • We also have desk accessories including magnifying glasses
Decorative papers (from $3.95 per sheet)
More decorative papers (from $3.95 per sheet)

The largest ribbon selection in the South Bay
Handcrafted Arts & Crafts style tiles (from $29.95 each)
Colorful towels ($11.95 each)
There is just too much to show it all! Come on in and see for yourself.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

New Selections of Scarves Have Arrived!

Our latest selection of scarves is now here! Beautiful scarves. Whimsical scarves. Elegant scarves. Some all silk, some blends. All gorgeous!

These are all reasonably priced from $19.95 to $29.95. Get 'em while the full selection is still available!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Sad But True Love Story ... Kind of ...

A bill for not being home? Why not call ... it was 1940 and telephones were standard issue by that time! Come on Frank ... give Sue a break! All tongue in cheek, of course.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Recycled Metal Menagerie

We found these amazing and amusing handcrafted recycled metal animals at the recent gift show. What drew us in were these human-sized metal frogs. These anthropromophic metaloids are "real enough" that you want to walk up and talk to them! 

Alas, these are a bit too large for our shop, so we targeted several shelf-sitting critters and a clutch of chickens. (If you are interested in the frogs, let's talk.)

The animals are the brainchildren of a San Rafael enterprise. They are handcrafted in Indonesia. While these sculptures retain the folksy, rustic look, the craftspeople take care to round off sharp edges and grind down welding spots. After painting and smoothing, these are coated with a protective polyurethane, so they are safe for outdoors.

Fishing Alligator and Yoga Dog ($89.95 each)
Relaxing Frog and Professor Rooster ($89.95 each)
Martini Pig ($89.95 each)
Hen and Rooster ($64.95 each)
Clutch of Chicks ($19.95 each)
These are now in stock.
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