Friday, February 28, 2014

Love Your Cat! Love Your Dog!

Dog and Cat Magnets • Create Your Own Statement
Los Gatans have a special place in their lives for their best friends -- their cats and dogs! We have a wonderful selection of items to help you express your love for your furry friends. We recently added pottery bowls, hand crafted pendants, magnets, metal art clocks, ornaments and more... all Handcrafted and most Made in America!

Pottery Bowls and Mugs from Salem Oregon • $24.95 to $29.95 each

Handcrafted Metal Dog and Cat Clocks from Columbia • $45.95 each
Handcrafted Pendants from $12.95 • Ask about custom pieces

Card Holders • Unique American Made Designs • $5.49 each

Ceramic Welcome Tiles from Janet Ontko • $49.95 each

Dogs, Dogs and More Dogs
Jendala Art Woof and Meow Ornaments, Bells, Chimes and Key Chains from $9.95 each
Come on in and see what else we might have!
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