Friday, March 28, 2014

Shirlie Montgomery Exhibit Opens April 14th at History San Jose

History San José Presents a Photo Exhibit:
Shirlie Montgomery: Picturing San José Since 1938

San Jose, CA – March 25, 2014 – The life of Shirlie Montgomery was a colorful one. From her love of photography, sports, and journalistic photography, she was in a unique position to capture history.

History San José will present a photography exhibit based upon a collection of her pictures. Shirlie Montgomery: Picturing San José Since 1938, will open to the public Monday, April 14, at the Leonard & David McKay Gallery in the Pasetta House at History Park.

HSJ issued the above release announcing the opening of the exhibit based on the life and works of our friend Shirlie Montgomery. The majority of the exhibit is built around the archive of photos, documents and memorabilia that we donated to HSJ last fall. HSJ has included items from their own collection, much of it from Leonard McKay and Lou’s Village, and items on loan from the Glenn Neece family, who owned the Ringside Bar in San Jose. It is fitting that the exhibit is being held in the Leonard& David McKay Gallery, as Shirlie and Leonard were long-time friends. The exhibit is planned to run from April 14th to August 10th.

According to Ken Middlebrook, Collections Manager for HSJ, the exhibit will be broken into three basic areas: Shirlie’s commercial work, her personal life and her relationship with wrestling. Another room will have interactive activities that deal with photography.

If you enjoy local history or are a wrestling fan, this is a can’t miss exhibit.

Additional information about Shirlie can be found on the blog Shirlie Montgomery - Girl Photographer.

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