Friday, May 16, 2014

Industrial Chic ... Decorating with the past

Old Paint Brushes Hung in a Vintage Frame ... $125 for this display, but we also have old brushes in stock priced from $9.95
There is something fascinating and recognizable about our industrial past. Time was when America was the world's factory leader ... building more of everything than anyone else ... designing the equipment that built the products ... inventing the very soul of the world's factories. Americans were photographers, painters, cooks and printers, while in our homes, we used the American factory output in our daily lives ... fans, perfumes, corkscrews and keys. If we needed it, it was made in American factories.

One popular trend in today's interior design is to use parts from these industrial machines, tools used by the workers in the factories, and items of comfort, or necessity, from the home. The term "industrial chic" has been attached to this genre of design. Old wheels and tools, early cast iron and wooden implements, vintage cameras, instruments and salesman's samples have found a place in enhancing the industrial look.

We have some pretty neat stuff to help you decorate in the industrial chic style. Take a look at some of the items in our store window display, as well as others in the shop.

Wonderful Old Sextant, with case and accessories ... for $259 ... an absolute "must have" for any nautical room.

Vintage T-Squares and Yardsticks ... great look ... great patina ... From $15 each ... Create artwork by hanging them from the ceiling, attaching them to the wall or use them as parts in mixed media art.

The Vintage Projector is a fantastic decorator item ... just $145 ... Note the old fans ($49 each), the sewing thread cases ($125 each) and the vintage lunchbox up front ($38). Excellent decorative accessories for your craft room, multi-media screening room or den.

A variety of old-time items: An antique German Flask, Old Brass Bell, Brass Calibrating Sieve, Cast Iron Doorstop and Brownie Target Camera. Any of these would add a unique look to a bookshelf or coffee table vignette.

Perfume Salesman's Sample case ... $195 contents included ... The possibilities are endless!

Huge Cast Iron Mortar and Pestle ... $95 ... In your kitchen or next to your BBQ or filled with candy!

Photography Darkroom Items from a Local Photographer's Studio ... These just look terrific.

Antique Hand Forged Skeleton Keys ... from $19 each ... Paperweights, door handles or drawer pulls ... there must be a hundred clever ways to use these.

Vintage Electronic Gauges ... $39 each ... another great look in juxtaposition to your latest computer or game console.

Collectible Vintage Corkscrews ... to open your well-aged wine ... lots of prices! You supply the wine.
We have a lot more and would be happy to share decorating or craft ideas with you. These are not yet online. Hopefully I will get around to it soon, but until then, just email or call about any of these items.

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