Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Vintage Treasures from New England

We just got back from a buying trip to New England where we found some interesting items for antique collectors and crafters both. Our best finds were an assortment of ephemera. Wonderful miniature books and chapbooks, old schmaltzy valentines, an old penmanship book and handwriting workbook, some interesting WW2 envelopes and an collection of 1940s holiday telegram blanks.

Antiquarian Books
Victorian Chapbooks
Miniature Books
WW2 Envelopes -- some with censorship stamps
Fantastic Telegram Forms for a Variety of Holidays
Penmanship Book and a Handwriting Workbook

Old Valentines -- including unused and postcards too
In addition to the ephemera, we found a number of other treasures.

This is a pair of Grapevine Molds
Porcelain Paint Powders in Vials
Early 1900s Ribbon Medals -- mostly double sided with celluloid images
A Couple of Beautiful Italian Religious Triptychs
This old rubber stamp set is very complete and large. It includes letters and numbers, plus a whole lot of words and images. Alas, this is going in Susan's studio. You'll see these vintage images on cards and tags she makes. Just wanted to share it with you.

Come on in and see our whole cache of treasures ... or contact us about anything you see on this blog.

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