Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Halloween is on its Way ... Be Prepared!

Black Scraggly Halloween Trees (from $27.95) with an Array of Ornaments (from $6.95)
We just loved Halloween when we were kids. For me it wasn't getting dressed up in weird costumes ... never cared for dressing up. It was the carousing and the candy ... what else?

Large Spider ($13.95) and Spider Web ($19.95)
Today the decorations are just as much fun as the many giddy kids who come out trick-or-teating dressed up in everything from store-bought costumes to creative masterpieces worthy of Hollywood ... and to the teenagers who just carouse and have fun!

Jack-O-Lantern Fence ($39.95)
As usual, Vintages has a fine array of scary and cute decorative goodies for you. Get 'em while you can.
YIKES! These Frightened Dolls just $94.95 each
Jack-O-Lanterns ($16.95)
Handcrafted Wooden Skeleton ($89.95) with Jack the Puppet ($38.95)
BOO! Boxes ($4.95 any size)
Witches ($29.95 each)

Skully and Jack ($24.95 each)
Spooky the Crow ($69.95)
Great selection of Holiday Ribbons and Trims
Halloween Magnets
Handmade Magnet Boards ($84.95) and Crow Magnet Sets in Black or Gray ($20.95 set)

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