Thursday, January 8, 2015

Bridal Showers Get Creative 1908

I found this curiously humorous article published in a Hawaiian newspaper in 1908 ... taken, most probably, from the "wire services."

Bridal Showers Get Creative

Showers for brides, like shirt waists (every one remembers the mysterious sudden appearance of shirt waists a few years ago and their rapid spread in classes and fabrics and, styles, I suppose?), have apparently come to stay, says a society writer on the Coast. They are filing a long felt want and their scope and variety widen with every successive wedding. At first they were -- comic woolly dogs, tin spoons and darning cotton, cookbooks and dusters were suddenly poured upon the bride to be, and gales of laughter and gloomy prophecy were the result. Then came handkerchief showers, towel showers, linen showers. "Useful" showers followed, and then "useless" showers. Miss Margaret Hyde-Smith was given a kitchenware shower by Mrs. R. P. Schwerin, and Miss Virginie Van Loben gave Miss Edna Prather a bulb shower a few months ago. One of this month’s brides was given a ribbon shower last week, which was the first of its type that I have heard of. It was extremely pretty, by the way, for the contributions varied from a tangle of narrow lingerie ribbons, which was flung in a web over the recipient's head, to yards and yards of the new, wide sash ribbons, in squares and stripes and dots. The bride-to-be looked like a gay little rainbow. Miss Margaret Polk of Cincinnati was recently given a music shower, all sorts of bride-y music being selected for her. One of the most original showers of all was the "duty" shower that surprised a Los Angeles girl last week. Among her gifts were an alarm clock, a kitchen scales, an account book, a laundry list, dusters, a calling list, a cookbook and a dozen other things to remind her of the duties of the new life.
 Published in The Pacific Commercial Advertiser (Honolulu, Hawai’i, TH)
May 10, 1908


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