Saturday, February 28, 2015

Art Supplies - Drawing Pads, Artists Kits, Traveling Sets

We have stocked an excellent line-up of artist supplies. These are new to Vintages, but you have requested more art supplies, so we now have them in the shop.

Artist sets come in a nice travel case, or a smaller size in a nice reusable case. The compact size of these art sets make them easy to store and handy for travel. The reusable clear case opens and closes with a snap and allows the artist to see the contents at a glance. These are available for acrylic painting, sketching and pencil drawing.

We also have two wonderful beginner's sets for painting and sketching. Perfect for children and novices. These small kits come with a nice starter set of materials.

We also have a few drawing and painting pads, as well as a hardbound sketchbook.

These items are available in the Vintages' online store. Along with these pads and kits, we have a variety of other supplies and accessories available in our Los Gatos shop.

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