Saturday, February 28, 2015

Decorative Stamp Rollers for Cards, Tags, Scrapbooks and More

WOW! These decorative stamp rollers make it so easy to create borders and rows of multiple images that are perfect for all types of crafts, scrapbooking and card making. It is a two part tool … a universal applicator and a variety of interchangeable rollers. You buy just one applicator and insert the roller cartridge of your choice. Easy as pie!

The cartridge is self-inking, so you can roll the applicator with one stroke across your media … cardstock, paper, ribbon and other materials. Use one set of images or multiple designs to create the decorative expression you desire. Great for cards, tags, ribbons and more. Scrapbookers, card makers, mixed media artists and paper crafters of all sorts will all love these!

The ink doesn't run when sprayed with water-based inks. The ink stays damp long enough to use embossing powders, but dries quick enough to allow you to move on with multiple layers and effects.

* Easily create patterns of any length.
* Multiple cartridges are available with different designs.
* Only 1 applicator is needed to use with interchangeable rollers.
* Mix & match patterns with interchangeable cartridges.
* Many fun patterns to choose from!
* Perfect for crafts, cards, scrapbooks, mixed media art and more.
* Pattern width is approximately 1 inch.
* Pattern length per cartridge is approximately 100 feet.

The interchangeable cartridge is easy to use.

Some of the patterns we have in stock

More of the patterns we have available

These decorative rollers are not yet listed on Vintages online shop, but we will let you know when they are. For now they are available in our Los Gatos Shop. The Cartridges are priced at $6.99 each and the Applicator is just $2.99.

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