Saturday, March 21, 2015

Antiquarian and Collectible Books

Here at Vintages we love old ephemera ... and old books are right at the top of the list. We carry a really nice selection of all types of books ... from children's books to ponderous tomes ... from beautifully illustrated publications to serious novels and references ... and from individual classics to significant multiple volume works. We specialize in miniature books and old travel guides.

We recently acquired a large collection of early 20th century books. These are mostly fine bindings ... leather and multiple volume editions. Some first editions and limited editions as well. Here are some of them.
The Real America in Romance • 13 Leather Bound Volumes • c1912 ($149 set)
Green's History of the English People • 4 Embossed Cover Volumes • c1893 ($95 set) -- The World's Great Thinkers • 4 Embossed Cover Volumes • c1947 ($69 set)
Ridpath's History of the World • 10 Leather Bound Volumes • c1919 ($300 set)
Woman of All Ages and All Countries • 10 Leather Bound Volumes • c1907 ($95 set)

The Gibson Book is a Wonderful Folio-sized 2 Volume Set of the Drawings of Charles Dana Gibson, of Gibson Girl Fame • c1907 ($125 set)

I have some of our book selection available online. As usual, if you see something on our blog or newsletter that is not online, please email us and we can send you details.

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