Saturday, April 4, 2015

NEW ... DIY Paints from Vintages and Tattered Angels

Introducing two new products at Vintages. These are paints from Tattered Angels … their newest paint is a chalk or milk paint that is truly special, while the other is a wonderful highlighting paint. Both are new to us … and both are in stock.

With the crafters’ love of refinishing, remodeling, repairing, reusing, repurposing and redesigning on the rise, we felt there was a need for professional quality paints that do what they say it will do.

The Decor & DIY Paint is just what the DIY doctor ordered when it comes to a great chalk paint option that can be applied to just about any surface. This paint is available in a cup container that covers about 25 square feet of space depending on the number of coats. This durable paint goes on with a smooth, strong finish. Unlike other brands on the market, DIY paint is there to stay and is not easily scratched or rubbed off.

We have the DIY Paint available in eight amazing colors. These do not require pre-mixing, additional water, refrigeration or special preparation to be used, and do not require sanding, priming or a basecoat. Simply open the cap, stir and begin painting.
Decor & DIY Paint Cups (8 ounces) $13.95 each

Tips for using the Decor & DIY Paint:
- No mixing required, just open and paint.
- One or two coats of paint are recommended depending on the surface, but additional coats can create an even stronger surface.
- We recommend cleaning the surface prior to painting, but no sanding, priming or base coat is necessary.
- You can blend DIY Paints to create new colors or darken/lighten the paint. Adding water creates a "wash" look.
- If painting raw or vintage wood, consider sanding to remove splinters and rough spots.

The other collection we now have is the High Impact Paint, the perfect mixed media and DIY paint for highlights and small surfaces. This opaque paint offers full coverage on textured surfaces including burlap and barn wood and is terrific on all other surfaces as well. This paint is available from us in five colors.

We love the charm of the new milk and chalk paints on the market and High Impact is the perfect companion for painting details on your furniture pieces, adding words on a burlap panel, or creating a sign on vintage wood perfect for a wedding or front porch holiday décor. This odorless paint can be applied to furniture, craft surfaces, fabric, home accessories and other flea market finds. It is also a great solution when spray paint just won’t work, it will adhere to just about anything that can be spray painted and more.
High Impact Paint (1.35 ounces) $6.95 each
Tips for using the High Impact Paint:
- Shake paint well before use.
- Cover work surface. Paint adheres to just about all surfaces, so working on a non-stick mat or layers of paper is recommended.
- Apply with the brush of choice … any good artist brush works fine. Wash brushes immediately after application as this paint dries quickly.
- This paint has a thick consistency, which makes it perfect for painting on textured surfaces such as burlap, distressed wood, barn wood, canvas, dimensional metals and other finishes.
- High Impact is designed to paint on just about any surface. Full coverage is achieved in one or two coats, additional coats can be applied if needed.
- Perfect for finished and non-finished wood.
- Metallic High Impact Paints will dry with a faux metal finish. Pure Pigment High Impact Paints are rich in color and will dry very similar to the color you see on the bottle.
- You can blend High Impact Paints to create new colors across both Metallic and Pure Pigment paints.
- Other notes: No sanding or priming is required before painting. Brush stokes will disappear if paint is evenly applied. Test a small area to determine how the paint will adhere to each surface. Fabric surfaces will become more sturdy or rigid when dry. Paint is permanent when dry.

These paints are great for stenciling and both work well on a wide range of textured surfaces. Perfect for writing or flourishing freehand, highlighting textures and surfaces or decorating with stencils. Try painting metal hinges, knobs, lamps and other home décor accessories. These two paints work well together in projects where broad coverage is needed and highlights or decorations are included.

We have all of these in-stock at our shop in Los Gatos. Hopefully we will have them available online soon ... in the meantime, just call or email us if you want any of these items.

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