Saturday, May 23, 2015

Fabulous Contemporary Navajo Ray Tracey Sterling Coral Necklace

This statement piece is a contemporary Native American Indian Navajo jewelry piece ... sterling and coral pendant and necklace. This is the creation of Ray Tracey, contemporary Navajo artist. Ray Tracey has had a life-long love of jewelry and has been working professionally as a jeweler since 1977.

Tracey has this to say about his work: Sometimes my creativity comes to a screeching halt. When this happens I go to my roots; Old Style jewelry. That is the place of fascination. The Old Ones utilized rudimentary tools to create their simple, yet perfected, pieces of craftsmanship. From this point I am able to create from an inspiring idea. On the flip side, sometimes my mind becomes flooded with more designs than I can remember. Ideas come so quickly I can’t draw them fast enough.

When I see someone wearing one of my designs, it takes me back to the time when the piece was created. Sometimes I can recall what I was eating or even the music I was listening to. I will remember the inspiration that helped create that design.

This large pendant and necklace is made of graduating silver beads with a large slide pendant made of sterling silver inlaid with red and angel skin coral. It was made back in the 1990s and is a wonderful example of Tracey’s “vintage” work. We have it priced at $495 and it is available in our Los Gatos shop or online here.

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