Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Beautiful Ribbons ... Our Specialty


Here at Vintages, Susan has amassed a wonderful selection of gorgeous ribbons ... new and vintage ... wired for flowers and silk for bouquets ... stamped with words and embellished with flowers. You will not find a better or larger selection in the South Bay. Period.

Colors ... Textures ... Styles Galore!
Textures, Prints, Glitter
Polka-Dots, Checks, Solids ...
Wrap Fantastic Gifts!
Rags & Wrinkles
French Flowers
Burlap and Twine
Vintage Lace, Trim and Ribbon
... and this fabulous wall rack is perfect for ribbons, papers and craft goodies!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Flowers by Michelle Lywood

Michelle Lywood has been using ribbons from Vintages in her beautiful floral designs. She is a local floral designer and describes herself as "an all around flower enthusiast."

Michelle offers fully customized floral design services for weddings, events and creative shoots. My design approach is to seek out the freshest, most beautiful blooms and style them in a way that allows their natural beauty to shine.

She sent us these photos of several of her custom designed bouquets that have some lovely Hanah silk ribbons flowing from them.

I recently discovered your shop and have been in a few times to purchase ribbons for wedding bouquets for my business.  I just received photos from the photographer for one that featured your ribbons and wanted to pass them along, as I know you both take great care in selecting the products that are offered in your shop! Thank you for making such beautiful things accessible to people like me!  Thank you Michelle.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Seed & Feed Marching Abominable Band

Seed & Feed Marching Abominable
What a surprise! We were strolling through a bunch of showrooms at the Atlanta Mart a couple of days ago (more about what we found later) and heard this energetic music. Sounded like the Stanford Band, to be honest. But NO! This was the Seed & Feed Marching Abominable, Atlanta’s wildest community band. They played wildly! They gyrated wildly! They were like the Stanford band but 20-30-40 years older ... and they were terrific to watch and listen to. It would be hard to find more energy from a band anywhere.

The Seed & Feed Marching Abominable, Atlanta’s wildest community band, has been thrilling audiences since 1974, performing at home and on the road in festivals, on stages, and in support of community events and fundraisers of all kinds. Throughout its history, the Band has electrified audiences with its trademark style of explosive sound and colorful street theater. Originally formed as part of a theatre company, the band is well known for its fancifully costumed performers as well as its high-energy music.

The Seed & Feed entertaining show attendees in the Atlanta Mart

If you are ever down in the Atlanta area and can take the time to see them at one of their gigs ... do it. You will not be disappointed. Click here for their story and their event calendar.

The Stanford Band during the Los Gatos Christmas Parade

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Hand Stamped Metal Pendants and Charms

We have a significant selection of stamped metal pendants and charms. These are great for necklaces, bracelets, key rings, and more.

Stamped metal pendants and charms ... all hand made in the USA.
The brass Los Gatos keyrings are custom made for us by Junk Girls ($11.95 including the key ring). Everybody needs a keychain ... why not celebrate Los Gatos while you are at it. We do have a large selection of keychains in stock.

Silver plate spoon pendants $15.95 each including chain.
The silver plate initial pendants ($15.95 including a 30" ball chain necklace) are also made for us by Junk Girls and are pretty neat.
Hand hammered and stamped metal pendants and charms by Susan
Susan makes a lot of hammered and stamped metal pendants and charms ($5.95 & $7.95). In fact, she can make you a custom stamped piece ... just ask.

Antique Rusty Old Water Meters

We found these rusty old water meters and just had to have them. They are just magnificent pieces of art ... yes, ART. The shape. The rustic colors. The form. WOW! These are heavy, cast iron ... they made things to last back then. These will look great on a bookshelf or desk or game room.

Water Meters are priced at $125 each ... we only have three!
The springs are just as wonderful. We plan on re-using these in something ... but haven't come up with a plan yet. Love these old rusty pieces.

These meters are proudly stamped "Made in USA" on the back. Love it!
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