Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Found ... Antique Typewriters

We found these three fantastic old antique typewriters. Love these things. I doubt there will be as much interest or love for early "word processors" as there is for these old "writing machines." 147 years ago on June 23, 1868, American inventor Christopher Sholes, and two partners Samuel Soule and Carlos Glidden, patented the “Type-Writer.” There were other mechanical writing machines before this, but the "Sholes and Glidden Type-Writer" became the first commercially successful model. The Sholes typewriter was first offered commercially by Remington in 1873.

The three we have are really neat. The latest is a 1940s L. C. Smith (as in Smith Corona) Super Speed typewriter. All black matte finish paint and a handsome specimen.
L. C. Smith 1940s Super Speed Typewriter ($145)
We have one other L. C. Smith typewriter, the 1906 No. 2. This baby is all fancied up with gilded pin-striping and glossy black paint.
L. C. Smith 1906 No. 2 Typewriter ($225)
The oldest is this Hammond No. 2 model which was introduced around 1893! It has a totally different typing mechanism ... something Hammond pioneered. It sits on an old wooden base and has a laminated wood cover. It also features a celluloid space bar and platen that would hold your paper for you.
1893 Hammond No. 2 Typewriter ($325)
These are only available in our Los Gatos shop ... but if you are interested, please call (408-399-9090) or send us an email. We can ship these anywhere in the USA.

For more history and background on typewriters, see our post from 1912 ... Happy Birthday to the Typewriter!

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