Sunday, August 30, 2015

Journals ... Notepads ... Jot it Down!

I have been a note-taker since high school. I used my notebook for taking class notes as well as writing down homework assignments. In college I continued the practice, adding notes on projects as well. When I got into the workforce I found this notebook thing to be quite helpful ... keeping track of tasks, meeting notes and "to do" lists. It was all re-enforced by the company's requirement to maintain a documented research notebook in addition to my personal book.

While I continue the practice of keeping notes and "to do" lists, I have never kept a personal journal or diary ... but I know plenty of folks who do. Journals and notepads are a steady seller for us and we just added a few new styles to our selection. These are available in our shop ... and soon I will be adding them to our shopping site.

These Alexis Pulitzer Notepads and Notebooks are Designed and Printed in New Orleans on Very Fine Paper Stock
The designs are simply fantastic ... works of art in their own right.
These are two of the sizes: The Long Pad and the Mouse Pad Notebook (priced at $16.95 each)
Write it Down! Two sizes at $8.95 and $19.95 each.
These Sturdy Notebooks come with three types of paper bound into each journal.
Four Designs to choose from ($11.95 each)
These are Great Mini Travel Notepads ... great for your purse or your car ... we have Europe, London, Paris, New York and San Francisco ($5.95 for a set of 2)
Thes are Notepads we had made using our own designs. Two sizes ... Paris and Los Gatos ($5.95 and $10.95 each)
These Little Handcrafted Journals have a variety of covers ... all original designs ($14.95 each)
These are super Miniature Journals ... great for sending a very special message or poem or proposal! Handmade using Stratford paper and reclaimed leather covers. (49.95 each)
If you are really in for a special DIY project, we have these journal making kits. Do your own bookbinding ... everything included ... add your own covers. ($32.95 each)

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