Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Miniatures ... Great Things in Little Packages

There is something about miniatures that attract me. Miniature frames ... miniature books ... mini vases and bottles ... miniature paintings, boxes and animals ... even jewelry attracts me because they are like miniature works of art.

We have a little of all of these here at Vintages ... and quite a few miniature books and frames. Below are some photos of our inventory. While all of these are in our Los Gatos shop, many are also available on our online antique venue.

Small Books from the Early 1900s Little Leather Library ($10.00 each)

Many of these are "true miniatures" ... i.e., less than 3" on a side ... ALL are Vintage or Antique

Some of our Miniature Boxes ... we also have some Hand Crafted Folk Art Boxes

Lots of Miniature Frames ... Brass, Silver, Some with Gemstones, Some with Enamel  ... most Pre-WWI

A Selection of Mini-Vases and Mini-Animals
Come in and see what we have, or contact us if you see something you might like.

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