Wednesday, November 18, 2015

DIY Christmas Tree on the Wall Made from Ornaments

Earlier this year we saw this display at one of out vendors' showrooms. It was so great, we thought we would re-create it here in Vintages. It is an easy project ... just use pushpins to hold up the ornaments! We used vintage glass ornaments (and we have lots of these at $2.00 each). Then we topped this with a wonderful starburst mirror ($15.50 in stock at Vintages). The sparkling garland was an afterthought that just looked fantastic. Try it!

Whether you use old or new ornaments does not matter. Do it your way. Add in handmade ornaments and cards from family and friends ... use large or small ornaments or a mixture of sizes ... add lights to make it sparkle even more ... you can even paint it on the wall like the inspiration display. There is no right or wrong ... just what you like.

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