Wednesday, February 24, 2016

WW1 Photo in Terrific Folk Art Frame Soldiers at Hummel Montauban 1915

Fantastic Folk Art Frame with WWI photograph of German soldiers at "Skat Club Hummel Montauban 1914-1915". This handcrafted folk art wooden frame is wonderfully hand painted with four different panels. The two sides have soldiers in full dress. The bottom panel is a fairly detailed village scene. The top has a banner that reads: 1914 Errinnerungan Montauban 1915

There is a paper label on the back that reads: Verdun-Meuse Offensive October 1918 - Hun Soldiers.

The photo appears to be of German soldiers in 1915 that were captured in the Verdun Offensive. The derogatory term of Hun for the Germans indicates they were captured in the Verdun Offensive.

The frame measures about 9" x 11". Priced at $250 online and in our Los Gatos shop.

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