Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Assemblage Art ... Mixed Media

We were up in Santa Rosa recently and saw some interesting assemblage art pieces from members of the Arts Guild of Sonoma. It made me think of the mixed media, assemblage and found objects art that we have at Vintages. Love this type of creativity as it is not just artistic, it is often personal and always eco-friendly. AND these are all handcrafted. Here are some of the pieces we have in stock ... and both of us are creating other pieces as well.

We found these wonderful antique bottles decorated by a creative artist down in the San Diego area (L: $125 -- R: $95). The wooden Santos are 19th century statues (L: $795 -- R: $695).

These large wall hangings are made in Georgia using found objects ... old wood and tin tiles. ($115 each)

Whimsical paper plaques decorated with dryer lint and other fabric discards by a Dakota Girl ($24.95 each)

Love these shadow box brooches ... made up in the Santa Cruz mountain village of Boulder Creek. ($74.95 each)

These Spice Tin Angels are crafted by a retiree in North Carolina ($59.95 each)

Susan's Handcrafted Pendants with vintages images and found objects ($12.95 to $14.95 each)

Steampunk Watch Case pendants by Lopaka Designs ($69.95 each)

Susan made these pendants starting with old wooden game tokens and added charms, paper and wood die cuts ($16.95 each)

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