Saturday, March 5, 2016

Fantastic Victorian Cabinet Card Photos

We have a lot of vintage photographs at Vintages ... from mundane families sitting on a couch to proud photos of the "new" car to the kids riding on a pony. These are all great for many reasons and the plans people have for them are quite interesting. Some just like them ... others frame them ... crafty folks use them in collages, scrapbooks, altered art and mixed-media creations ... teachers and authors have used them as props to tell stories ... and a couple have made fantasy family trees! When in NYC a couple of years ago we saw a museum exhibit filled with jewelry made using old photographs. Pretty amazing!

I just listed a number of old cabinet card photos, mainly of children, on Lopaka Designs Vintage Collection. We also have quite a few photos listed on our antiques site. Of course, we have hundreds in our Los Gatos shop that are not online. Here are the ones that were just listed ... all from the 1880s and 1890s.

Gotta love photos of kids and dogs ... but what the heck is that "lion dog" on the left?

Children with toys are a great look into the past ... a trundling hoop and blowing bubbles. Love the barefoot boys!

Books and collections are highlighted in these two photos, which also show off some intricate hand work in the tablecloth on the left and furniture on the right.

Just kids ... good enough

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