Friday, April 1, 2016

Victorian Hairwork Jewelry

In Victorian times creating lace and jewelry from braids of hair was popular. All styles of weaving and braiding were done, creating a whole array of jewelry and accessories. Woven hair encased in lockets and under glass on pendants were common remembrance or mourning motifs.

Women would save their hair in vanity containers designed for the purpose. Many ladies would grow their hair quite long and then cut it for braiding or to sell to lace makers. To read more about this 19th century tradition, check out this Victoriana Magazine article.

Just a few days ago we got this marvelous example of Victorian hairwork ... a lacy collar with hair and Whitby jet beads. This is a set with a pair of earrings included. Gorgeous.

We just put this on our Online Antiques Shop, priced at $395.00 for the set.

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