Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Saga of Vintages' Squirrel Visitor!

A couple of weeks ago one of our customers noticed a squirrel resting in one of our baskets ... woah! We've been here 13 years and have never had a rodent issue, much less a squirrel in the shop. We tried to scare him back outside, but he was too quick and scurried to the back of the shop. While he (or she) was cute, we did not need a squirrelly visitor ... or a "watch squirrel" in the shop.

We tried trapping him, catching him in a box, scaring him and blocking his movements. NO LUCK! Every night he would get into the front window ... we know 'cause he would knock things over and mess up the display. Several customers saw him in the mornings and left us messages. One couple even left us a short video.

In the end  we took the advice of an animal control person. She said trapping was very difficult and the best way was to leave the interior dark, open the door, keep people away ... and wait. Susan did that on Monday (when we were closed) after nine days! She waited outside for an hour and a half and FINALLY the little critter hopped on out and went on his way. Susan ran and closed the door before the squirrel could change its mind. HOORAY! We are now squirrel-less in Los Gatos.

Thanks to those who cared enough to leave notes and messages and a video for us to remember our little visitor.

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