Sunday, June 12, 2016

A Few Vintage Toys ... Just in Time for Father's Day

We just got these three old toys ... perfect for Father's Day. Wood and tin construction from the early 1900s, these are timeless ... and very collectible.
Canton Pacers ($149.00)
Ad from Jan 1899 Home Decor Magazine
This Canton Pacers pull toy is fabulous and was introduced in the 1890s. It's about 16" long and made of wood and tin. The horses trot along when the toy is pushed or pulled.
Tinker Mule ($89.00, as found)
Auction Catalog listing
The Tinker Mule is from the now famous Toy Tinkers, Inc., makers of Tinker Toys! This one is made of wood, a hard rubber and some metal rods. (Alas, the mule lost his snout a long time ago.) It is fully articulated. Made for a short period from 1928-1931.

Porter Pushing Cart Tin Toy ($89.00)
The last is a tin plated metal luggage cart pushed by a porter. The porter walks along when pushed or pulled. This is c1900.

These are only available in our Los Gatos shop at this time, but feel free to email us or call us and we can ship it to you.

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