Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Celebrate America with Made in USA

Happy 4th of July ... Vintages will be open on 
Sunday July 3rd 11am-5pm (closed on July 4th)
Bring your friends, relatives and out-of-town visitors to Vintages, the most unique store in Los Gatos.  

Here at Vintages we strive to offer a wide selection of Made in America products. These are mostly handmade by Americans in America ... American artisans ... local and country wide. Ask us and we will point out the many items that help our local economy and the hard-working people of the Good Ol' U S of A! Here is a little gallery with a selection of our inventory.

Los Gatos Souvenirs ... all made locally
Cuff Bracelets made with Georgian Cut Steel Buckles mounted on leather
Boxed Sets of Magnets ... single magnets also available ... made locally
Antique Mother-of-Pearl Game Token Pendants ... wire-wrapped locally
Decorated Muslin Bags ... hand stamped locally
Colorful Wood Art ... from Wisconsin
Clay Tile and Sculptures ... from Fresno
Hand-stamped Metal Charms and Pendants ... created locally
Seashells with Applied Sayings ... handcrafted locally
Shadowbox Pins ... from Boulder Creek

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