Friday, July 1, 2016

Summertine Vacation Travel ... Need a Guide?

At Vintages we have a lot of old books ... collectible ... antiquarian ... children's ... first editions ... novels ... and more. One area we specialize in is old city and country guide books. We have France, Paris, England, London, Italy, Rome, Greece and more. We also have a small selection of maps as well.

These guide books go back to the turn of the last century and have descriptions of hotels, attractions, restaurants, travel tips, old advertisements and numerous maps. Great stuff. Most are priced at around $45.00 each and are available in our shop ... inquire if interested.

We also have the Grand Daddy of Travel Books ... The Stoddard's Lectures. John Lawson Stoddard traveled the world in the last quarter of the 19th century and talked about his experiences in a series of lectures, which were serialized and later published as a set. We have two sets and they are FABULOUS! (These are priced at $179 & $195 per set.)

Have a great vacation!

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