Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Driftwood Architecture on Moonstone Beach

Cambria is a quaint little beachside village on the California Central Coast. It is one of our favorite getaways ... quiet ... a couple of excellent restaurants ... interesting shops ... and Moonstone Beach. The one-mile sandy beach, part of Hearst San Simeon State Park, and has easy access. It is never crowded and is just pretty!

Years ago we would stroll the beach and pick up shells, moonstones and bits of turquoise, but those days are nearly gone. The treasures are few and far between ... even beach glass is hard to find.  BUT ... driftwood abounds!

We saw some great driftwood architecture. Sculptures and beach shanties carefully stacked and balanced as shelter from the wind or statements of art.

Some were rather crude ... others expansive, including courtyards and stonewalls.

These works of driftwood art will last a short while, get beaten down by the winds and tides and eventually revert back to piles of driftwood waiting to be transformed again by a new architect.

And the beach is then quietly dominated by nature's own sculptures and artistic expressions.

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