Thursday, September 1, 2016

Victorian Slide Chain Necklaces ... to Wear or Collect

Slide chain necklaces were originally worn by Victorian women as a way to carry their pocket watches or glasses (lorgnettes). These chains, which are generally quite long, came in solid gold, gold-filled and occasionally silver. Victorians were known for mixing form and function in jewelry, so slide chains were very versatile and worn in a number of ways. To keep the length under control, the end piece can be tucked into a pocket or clipped onto a belt or sash. The slide can be used to adjust the length slightly. 

These are some Victorian ladies wearing long chains in the 1880s or so. (Photos from our store inventory of Victorian Cartes d'Visite and tintypes.)

Slide chains had a brief resurgence in the mid-1900s. Today bib or festoon necklaces are quite popular. The chain can be worn doubled up and clipped in the center to create a festoon style look. A pendant can be added to the clip. Another simple way to wear your slide chain is to double it up, adjusting the length of the loops to give a layered look.

When the craze for these long chains diminished at the turn of the century many slides were gathered and worn as bracelets or shorter watch chains. It’s a nice look … old but new.

Bracelet made from Vintage Slides (not in stock)
Slide chains in their various incarnations have been a popular jewelry collectible for many years and the popularity remains today.

Above is a Slide Choker ... a variant because it is a short necklace. 14K Gold, Swiss Enamel with a Gold-filled Chain $695.00

These are some of the Gold-Filled Slide Chains ... 36" to 50" Chains ... all $95.00 each

Mid-century Slide Necklace Lavaliere ... 14K Gold ... $155.00

This is another variant ... a Watch Chain with a Slide for Men ... Gold-Filled ... $95.00

Still another variant where the slide is on a bracelet. (not in stock)
Most of these are available on our Antique Site. All are available in our Los Gatos Shop.

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