Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Hope you all have a 
Very Merry Christmas 
and a wonderful and Happy 2017

Friday, December 16, 2016

Gifts Made in America for Christmas

Give the gift of Made in America for Christmas. The Holidays are time to celebrate and be generous. It is a perfect time to support American Made ... American Workers ... American Quality. Vintages carries, and always has, a great line of Made in America products ... gifts Made in America from all corners of our great country ... by Americans. We featured a lot of Made in USA items back in July for our Independence Day celebration. Here are some from items our current selection.

... from New Orleans
... from New Orleans
... from Southern California
... from Southern California
... from Fresno, California
... from Fresno, California
... from Oregon
... from North Carolina
... from Los Gatos, California
... from Los Gatos, California
... from Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California
... from Georgia
... from Wisconsin
... from Wisconsin
... from La Mesa, California

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Handcrafted Coral Earrings and Necklace at Lopaka Designs

Just added these to Lopaka Designs. GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFT ... or stocking stuffer ... or get it now and save it for Valentine's Day. One-of-a-kind. Available in our shop or on Lopaka Designs. Either way we will gift wrap it for you at your request.

Coral Earrings ... $49.95

Coral Pendant Necklace ... $49.95

Monday, December 12, 2016

Holiday Gift Baskets

A Special Gift for the Holidays is a custom gift basket from Vintages. We have a nice selection of baskets and you can fill it with just about anything in our store ... or we can do it for you. Once assembled we will fill it attractively, wrap it in shrink wrap and put a pretty bow on it. Here are a couple we have already made up ... these are available right now.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Heart Rock on the Beach

Over the years we have always walked beaches looking for interesting shells, sea glass and rocks. Shells are very location dependent ... need to have the right sea bottom to get these treasures washed up on the beach. Sea glass has almost disappeared from most beaches ... except for a few protected places. But interesting rocks are always cast about. Love to find them in varied colors or textures or shapes. Our personal favorite are heart-shaped rocks. Here's one we found out on Moonstone Beach in Cambria.

Last Valentine's Day I created this little Coral Heart Sculpture for Susan. Just one of many ideas for using these precious stones creatively ... or just place them in a rock garden. Enjoy.

Handmade Doll with Vintage Lace

This cute little doll was hand made by Angela Steen, a Vintages' customer. The doll's dress is made from a piece of vintage lace that Angela picked up here at Vintages. Angela wrote: "Here's the doll that I made. You'll see the lace at the bottom of her dress was from your store!" Thank you Angela for sharing this with our followers. Another creative talent who shops at Vintages and repurposes vintage pieces into wonderful, imaginative hand made treasures.

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