Sunday, January 31, 2016

Valentines ... Valentines ... Valentines

Sunday, February 14th
Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is one of the really special days for lovers and friends. While it is important to express your love and special feelings as often as possible ... Valentine's day gives you more impetus to say "I Love You" to that special someone in your life.

Hearts, valentines, cards, jewelry, artwork ... and more are here at Vintages. Remember, we can make custom gifts for you, wrap your gift and ship it if necessary ... and make it easy for you to say "Be My Valentine."

Love these Feathery Vintage Angels from the 1950s ($39.95 each ... 3 available)
Vintages' own line of Valentine Cards ... $3.50 each
Ceramic Hearts with Inspirational and Love Messages ... $7.95 each
Heart Tags hanging from a Chandelier. Tags $1.75 each ... Chandelier $120 one-of-a-kind
Heart Ornaments and Gift Tags ... $5.95 each
Handcrafted by Susan ... Heart Pendants ... $19.95 each
More Ornaments ... $5.95 each
Valentine Heart Box ... $21.95 each
Little Glass Hearts ... $4.95 each
I Love You Stationary ... Cards, Tags, Notebooks ... prices vary
Message Magnets ... $19.95 ... these can be customized ... contact Susan
Metal Stencils and Hearts ... $14.95 & $15.95 each ... Add a magnet for $4.95 -$9.95 each
Pewter Dishes with Boxes ... Hearts & Messages ... $14.95 each
Handcrafted Message Shells on Ribbon ... $3.95 each
Handcrafted Ceramic Figural Bowls ... $75 to $125 each
Love Boxes ... $14.95 to $21.95 each
Vintage Valentines ... the real old stuff ... $2 to $6 each
Handcrafted tags and Boxes ... $1.75 & $5.95 each
Glitter Heart Tag ... $5.95
 Happy Valentines Day from Vintages

Friday, January 29, 2016

NEW ... Paints, Glazes and Art Supplies

Fresh from the CHA filled with new inspiration, we also are introducing some wonderful new art products ... glazes, paints, acrylics and watercolors as well as colorful cardstock packs and artist pads. 
StazOn Glazes ... here shown on chipboard
We have the Textured Creative Medium at $7.00 for a 2oz jar and the Studio Glaze at $6.00 for a 25ml bottle
Decor & DIY Chalk Paint in 8oz jars ($13.95) is perfect for smaller projects and the High Impact Gloss Paint ($6.95 for 1.35oz) is great for highlights and trim
These Art Kits are great for beginners and experts alike ($26.95) and they have everything you will need to get started.
In Stock are a variety of Kits and Collections for artists and crafters
Acrylic and Watercolor Sets are new ($19.95 and $8.95 each set) ... and we have restocked our selection of Artist Paper Pads.
We now stock a variety of Cardstock Packs ($16.95 per pack ... count varies)
These Metal Stencils are not only stencils but craft and decorating pieces as well ($14.95 each)
The same can be said for these Metal Number Stencils ($1.95 each)

Come on in as stock up ... and ask us about the new stuff.

NEW ... Colorful Wooden Art Hearts from Tra-Art

Just in time for Valentine's Day ... We have these colorful, bright, whimsical hearts by Wisconsin artist Tracy Pesche ... aka Tra-Art. Each piece is hand cut from wood, hand painted and embellished with a variety of adornments including wire and metal. Upon a closer look, you will see that each has layer upon layer of paint, adding great dimension. Tra Art is perfect for your Valentine ... as well as any home or commercial setting ... see for yourself.

Right now we have a selection of hearts in stock. These range in size from 10 to 23 inches tall. Most prices are in the range of $59.95 to $89.95 each, but some of the larger more complicated pieces are more.

These are not yet available online, but you can contact us for details and we ship worldwide.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Rather Bizarre House

Driving back from the CHA last week we stopped in Carpenteria, a little town south of Santa Barbara. Cruising down Walnut Avenue we saw this house! Wow!! Talk about bizarre! Take a look ... 

 It is over-the-top Victorian ... gingerbread ... shingles ... curls, peaks, corners ...

Then we looked in the upstairs window and saw this angel ...

In another ... behind a couple of Gothic gargoyles ... there was the Duke himself ... John Wayne in full cowboy regalia!

Behind this window is something ... but what?

This must be some place at Halloween! Spooky! Bizarre!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Tiny Birdhouse ... Got some tiny birds?

These small birdhouses are handcrafted from reclaimed wood by an artist on the Central Coast. The weathered wood makes a perfect contrast with fresh flowers and plants. Put these in a flower pot, a rock garden, a flower arrangement or in a vase by themselves. Any way, they look terrific.

The mini birdhouse is about 4-1/4" tall and the house with the post is about 19" overall. We only have these five ... priced at $19.95 each.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Couple of Decorated Vintage Bottles

We found these two vintage bottles topped with handcrafted decorations. One is built with turquoise stones soldered in a cross atop the bottle. The other has a shell and some pearls along with a gorgeous sea fan coral. Pretty neat ... perfect decorations for any home or office.

The sea fan bottle is $145 and the cross bottle is $95
The two statues in the photo are 19th century santos statues from Europe. These are carved wood and are fabulous. The padre is $795 and the angel is $695. The tall elegant sterling silver candlesticks are made by Richard M. Woods & Co. from the 1930s and are $295 for the pair.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Vintage Florentine Woodwork ... Boxes, Trays and Dividers

We got back to Los Gatos from our trip last night. Lots of exciting new product and ideas from the CHA are swirling in our heads. Meantime, we did some antique shopping on the way home and found these wonderful Florentine woodwork items. Boxes, Trays and Dividers. We always pick these up when we can. These are the REAL stuff ... made in Florence, Italy ... not the contemporary reproductions made in Asia.

We love the carving, bright paints and gilt applied to these pieces. Some show a bit of honest wear ... they are vintage after all! Prices range from $49 to $79, depending on the piece.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Craft & Hobby Association CHA Show

We are off to the 2016 Craft & Hobby Association show in Anaheim. Looking forward to bringing back some great new products for our crafting and artist friends as well as some exciting new ideas for DIY stuff! Watch for updates on our Facebook Page.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

How About TOYS for the New Year?

Vintage toys bring back so many memories. We have a very nice selection of vintage tin toys, wind-ups, trucks, games, tea sets, and more. Here is a little gallery of our current selection.

... and remember ... you are NEVER too old for fun toys!

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