Wednesday, January 25, 2017

CHA Creativation 2017

We just got back from the 2017 CHA Show in Phoenix. New venue ... new name ... not much else new. That's our take. The show appeared to be smaller both in size and number of attendees and exhibitors. There was a general lack of the usual excitement of past shows. But we always can find some nuggets, some inspiration to bring back with us. The classes available were pretty good. Susan and both attended a couple of workshops and enjoyed them. (More on a couple of them in later posts.)

Trends were a bit interesting. There were a lot less scrapbooking and journaling exhibits. Same with jewelry suppliers. Quite a few new die-cut and embossing stencils, but not as many machines. Several of our favorite vendors were not represented this year and most of the larger distributors had cut back their exhibits. Many new media options in paints, gels, pastes, etc.

Here is a gallery of some of what we saw and liked at the show.

Tinted pickling liquids

An interesting new printing technique

Bold, metallic colors of inks and paints

Brilliant paint colors

Cute new appliques

Just a nice display ... not for sale

Textured chalk paint
 There's still a lot of life in the mixed-media, arts and crafts world. Let's have fun with our many old and new resources.

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