Monday, January 30, 2017

Dare to Create with Mixed Media

One excellent workshop we participated in was "Dare to Create", a mixed media workshop led by Andy Skinner and Tracy Weinzappel. The objective was ostensibly to create a mixed media heart painting ... but in reality it was an exercise in using a number of mixed media art techniques, media and textures.

We liked it because it gave us the freedom to choose our palette and design, while still following a process to expose us to several techniques. The brands of the media were different than what we carry, but that's OK, since these are pretty much all the same. Paints, gel, texture, stencils, various brushes --- dry, wet, stipple, stencil --- and palette tools. We have just about everything on that list in the shop at Vintages.

The prototype heart design was a nice, decorative, highly textured painting. Susan and I each took our own route to success ... hers more floral, mine more geometric. Here are some photos of our project being "created."

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