Thursday, September 7, 2017

Tiny Wooden Word Clock Can Be Worn as a Watch

This is really neat ... both the watch and the process. It never ceases to amaze me how some people get these great ideas and bring them to a reality even when it requires skills and knowledge outside of their normal realm. 

This guy, Harvard computer science grad Harnek Gulati, taught himself woodworking, materials characteristics and more. AND he did not let small issues, failures of sorts, keep him from iterating his design and improving his skills until he got it right.

I often have said that the process ... the learning and skills development ... are every bit as important as the end product. This was true in the semiconductor world I lived and worked in for 34 years, and is equally true when it comes to crafts and home projects. I do lots of family history research and find the research more interesting than what the final story might be.

Anyway, check out this project ... and the watch.

The Make: article points out:

Sometimes we tend to think in terms of X, Y, Z, but noting how your materials will react under certain circumstances is certainly a good skill to pick up.

Gulati also notes that he made 6 watches in total, only 3 of which were completed with no errors. So if you’re going to make something incredible yourself, don’t be surprised if you end up failing a few times along the way!

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